Cabbies ‘should consider an LTI taxi’

Taxi drivers in the market for a new cab could do no better than turning to LTI Vehicles for their needs.

This is the opinion of the organisation, which has claimed that its vehicles are among the best of their kind in the world.

Matthew Cheyne, international market development director at the company, explained that its TX4 model has been generating interest from international operators and businesses.

He added: “Enquiries are increasing and drivers and passengers are telling us that the London taxi is providing them with a first class ride and experience.”

This comes after a joint venture in China saw LTI Vehicles team up with Geely in a bid to deliver taxis to Saudi Arabia, which is likely to strengthen the company’s image as a global brand.

Meanwhile, taxi drivers in Southampton are currently split over whether the council should make working towards a BTEC qualification in transporting passengers a compulsory part of the trade, the Southern Daily Echo reported.

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