Cabbies hit by fuel price increases

Taxi drivers in Halifax and Calderdale are being hit by rising fuel costs, meaning that passengers could end up paying higher fares.

Now that unleaded petrol has topped the £1 threshold at most local filling stations, fares could rise by as much as a fifth, reports the Evening Courier.

Taxi driver Zahour Ahmed said that cabbies will have to do something to recoup extra fuel costs.

“We are being forced into a situation to raise fares and it will be the customer that will suffer. They could rise 20 per cent,” he told the newspaper.

Calderdale Taxi Association is arranging a meeting to discuss the possible fare hike.

Halifax’s fuel concerns come as the cost of taxi licences in Southampton are set to rise by eight per cent to £150.

New licences and annual renewals are both expected to rise and the money raised will pay for more enforcement officers, said the council.