Drivers told to watch their blinks

Drivers are being urged to monitor their blinks to determine when to pull over and take 40 winks.

Road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist asserted that just before a driver becomes drowsy and distracted behind the wheel, their body begins to blink more frequently.

Van insurance customers could be interested to hear the human body increases its blinking rate by from the normal ten per minute.

Gem Motoring Assist recommends drivers pull over and rest when this starts to happen.

David Williams, the body’s chief executive, says: “This is a wonderful reflex action by humans that we should all be aware of. It is a built-in early warning system.”

It is important to rest from driving before becoming potentially dangerous behind the wheel, he adds.

Earlier this month, the company called on cyclists to read the Highway Code to ensure they are safe on Britain’s roads but recommended bikes as a being good for both “the planet and the pocket”.