ChoiceQuote Personal Insurance – Car Insurance FAQ’s

I don’t yet know the vehicle registration number. Can I still get a quote with ChoiceQuote Personal Insurance? 
No problem. There will be occassions where you don’t have the registration number of the car you want an insurance quote for. You may be simply thinking of changing cars and want to find out how much it would cost to insure a different one. You should find the make and model in our vehicle list to enable you to get a quote but you will need the registration number if you decide to take the policy out.

Do I need to provide proof of my no claims discount? 
If you decide to take a policy out with ChoiceQuote Personal Insurance and you are claiming no claims discount, then yes. This must have been earned on a private car insurance policy and we would require a copy of your most recent or current car insurance document from a UK insurer that clearly shows the number of years’ no claim discount entitlement. It should also show the expiry date of your last insurance policy and any claims you’ve made. You will usually find this is with your renewal invitation from your previous insurer.

Can I use my company car no claims record to receive a no claims discount? 
You may be able to providing that you were the sole user of the company car and that you no longer have use of a company car. Your employer should provide written confirmation of this detailing the dates you were covered, details of any claims and whether these were settled on a fault or non-fault basis.* 

What should I do in the event of an accident?
In the even of you needing to claim on your ChoiceQuote Personal Insurance car insurance policy, please contact our car insurance claims department in the first instance directly on 0800 612 2180 or by email at [email protected] (please include your full name and address together with your policy details).

What if my circumstances change whilst I am insured with ChoiceQuote Personal Insurance?
You must notify us as soon as possible in any of these circumstances:

  • Modifications are made to your car which improves its value, performance or attractiveness to thieves
  • You change your car
  • You need to use your car for any purpose not included in your schedule
  • A medical condition arises with any driver named on the policy which may affect their ability to drive
  • If you or any other driver named on the policy are convicted of a motoring offence other than fixed-penalty parking offences
  • Any change of address
  • Any change of occupation
  • If you expect to exceed the annual mileage stated when your policy was taken out

We may then need to adjust your cover and premium. If you don’t inform us of any relevant changes, it may result in any claim being rejected or invalidate your cover. An administration fee may be charged for any changes you make to your policy during the period of cover.

Please call us on 0800 440 2178 to make any changes to your ChoiceQuote Personal Insurance car insurance policy.

How do I cancel my ChoiceQuote Personal Insurance Car Insurance policy? 
If you would like to discuss this with one of our advisors, please telephone 0800 440 2178.

If you wish to cancel the policy, please let us know in writing to us at:

ChoiceQuote Personal Insurance
Trafalgar House, 110 Manchester Road
WA14 1NU

You must return your current certificate of insurance or cover note to us.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please call for details.