New rates for young drivers

ChoiceQuote have launched a scheme that delivers cheap insurance premiums for young drivers.
Over the past 7 years ChoiceQuote have a built up a large base of young motorcyclists due to providing excellent schemes for riders of all ages. Unfortunately only a minority of teenage riders keep their bikes once they have a provisional driving licence and can purchase a car. Therefore ChoiceQuote have partnered with one of its specialist insurers to launch a product which will allow young riders to make the jump from motorbike insurance to car insurance as affordable as possible.

The new scheme provides low cost insurance for young drivers who are deemed high risk:

  • 17/18 year old females with either provisional or full UK licence
  • 17/18 year old males with full UK licences – with further discounts for those with Pass Plus qualifications

The scheme has particularly favourable rates for 19 year olds taking out Third Party Fire and Theft policies.