Top 6 Best-selling Used Cars to Stock for 2019

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Dealers are now investing in used car stock to counter the fall in sales of new cars in 2018. As well as identifying the best-selling used cars for 2019, many traders are also improving their preparation facilities to get cars ready for retail faster.

It won’t be news to car dealers that new car sales have fallen considerably in 2018. Among other reliable sources, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) recorded a fall of 20.5% in newly registered cars in September last year, down 20.5 per cent compared to the same period in 2017.

To meet this falling demand, dealers are now gearing up to invest in their used car offerings and reconditioning services. If you’re a car trader or dealership, it might interest you to browse our roundup of the best-selling used cars to buy and sell in 2019, based on Indicata’s list of fastest-selling cars.

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Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga has sold in very big numbers for Ford recently. A consistently popular model at Ford garages around the country, it seems to present buyers with a safe and reliable option for those looking for a family SUV, and it’s a decent drive.

Its large interior space, drive quality and tech also offer an attractive package that has made the Ford Kuga one of the fastest selling cars in 2017.

Ford EcoSport

Launched in 2013 and given a comprehensive revamp in 2017, the new Ford EcoSport is another popular family SUV from one of the UK’s favourite car brands. While this model offers various off-road qualities that make it a solid choice for country trips or modest off-roading, it’s likely that the relatively compact dimension of this model makes it equally suitable for city environments.

Hyundai Tucson

Again with the family SUVs… for those in the market for a tidy family vehicle that’s also capable of handling rough ground when necessary, the Hyundai Tucson has made significant ground on other popular models in this class such as the Nissan Qashqai.

A good looking and family-friendly SUV with a decent spec sheet and plenty of practical features for city living, the Hyundai Tucson is perhaps one of the best used cars for sale of 2018.

Ford Fiesta

A classic choice for UK motorists, the eight-generation Ford Fiesta model remains a popular purchase choice for consumers of used cars at the moment. Whether this is because of the trusted quality of the Ford brand or the improvements to the interior and build quality that keeps the Fiesta relevant even today, dealers will do well to consider this in their stock purchase next year.

SEAT Ibiza

A stylish small family car with decent interior space, the SEAT Ibiza was one of 2018’s fastest-selling cars. While this model comes at a lower price point than others in this list, the auto braking, adaptive cruise control, wireless charging for mobile phones, LED lights and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features make it an attractive package for many households.

Kia Sportage

The list of best-selling used cars for sale in 2018 isn’t short of family SUVs, and here’s another one for you. The Kia Sportage has drawn in many with its comfortable interior and various practical features, but it has also won over many consumers in the market for a used car with its extensive manufacturer’s warranty of 7 years.

This is an easy sell when it comes to offering your customers additional peace of mind to go with their used car purchase in 2019.

Ford most popular

Ford was the most popular used car brand in October with three cars in the top ten – the Ford Kuga, EcoSport and the Fiesta. SUVs also continue as the consumer’s favourite class when it comes to used car sales, appearing numerous times in Inidicata’s top 10 list of fastest selling cars.

These are useful tips for any dealer of motor car trader looking to fill their forecourt with well-performing stock in 2019.

Reducing reconditioning time

Finally, dealers will also want to take note of the industry trend for improving car preparations facilities that are designed to get vehicles ready for road more quickly.

With the recent drop in new car sales, it is these changes that will streamline the selling process for motor traders and provide revenue support as the sector waits for new cars sales to return to normal levels.

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