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What is included in taxi fleet insurance?

If you run a taxi business with 3 or more taxis, taxi fleet insurance allows you to insure your vehicles and drivers together on one policy.

Taxi fleet insurance provides cover for multiple vehicles, allowing you to easily add or remove taxis from your policy.

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Vehicles that can be covered on a taxi fleet policy include saloons, MPVs, minibuses with up to 16 seats, hybrid vehicles and electric taxis, amongst others.

Drivers of all ages between 23-75 can be considered for inclusion on your taxi fleet policy. We’ll also consider drivers with claims or convictions. This gives you the greatest degree of flexibility possible, making it simple to manage your insurance.

ChoiceQuote can offer competitive rates for established taxi businesses. Send us your confirmed claims experience and list of vehicles, and we can look to source a good deal for you.

We offer insurance from a range of providers and have access to exclusive schemes. This makes ChoiceQuote a great choice for taxi fleet policies.

Who should buy taxi fleet insurance?

Any taxi business with a fleet of public hire or private hire taxis should buy taxi fleet insurance. The more vehicles you add to a policy, the cheaper it generally becomes to insure each one. So not only is it more efficient than having single taxi policies, it can cost less, too.

Taxi vehicle cover for fleets

You can cover any number of taxis, from 3 vehicles to 500 or more.
Fleet taxi insurance offers the same three levels of protection as standard motor insurance:

  • Third-party only (TPO)
    • This is the minimum required by law and covers all third-party liabilities should an accident occur. This does not cover damage to your vehicle when an accident is your fault.
  • Third-party, fire and theft (TPFT)
    • The next step up provides the same protection as TPO but includes fire and theft cover.
  • Comprehensive
    • This is the highest level of taxi cover available and is the most popular. It has all the above protection and includes any accidental damage caused to your vehicle.

With ChoiceQuote, comprehensive cover for taxi fleet vehicles can also cover:

  • Glass/windscreen damage (£50 excess for repairs/£100 excess for replacements applies with approved repairer)
  • Medical expenses – We can pay medical expenses of up to £500 in respect of each person injured as a direct result of an accident in your taxi
  • Replacement vehicles – courtesy cars available for up to 14 days on a social, domestic and pleasure basis only while your private car is being repaired following damage to your vehicle
  • Accident recovery – Protection and removal of your vehicle to the nearest repairers in GB, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and Isle of Man, following an accident.
  • Personal belongings – up to £250 of cover for loss or damage to personal belongings by fire, theft or accident.

Our policies can also cover driver assault in the event of an unprovoked attack, and public liability for non-motor claims (see below for more information).

Some of these covers are also available on a TPO or TPFT basis. Speak to us to find out more.

Types of vehicle covered by a fleet insurance policy

ChoiceQuote can cover a mixture of vehicles on one policy, including:

  • Saloons/hatchbacks
  • Estate cars
  • Black cabs/Hackney carriages
  • MPVs with up to 16 passengers
  • Coaches/minibuses
  • Electric vehicles and hybrids
  • Private hire
  • Public hire
  • Self-drive hire

We cover most taxi licensing authorities across the country, offering taxi fleet operators the cover they need.

Get in touch with us with details of your fleet and we’ll search our insurance panel to see if we can help.

How much does taxi fleet insurance cost?

Taxi fleet costs can vary considerably depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of vehicles in your fleet
  • Your location
  • The drivers you want to cover
  • No claims history, and more

Drivers with a good claims experience and a well-managed fleet could save money on their insurance with us.

ChoiceQuote can also help those with claims, in some circumstances, by installing our class-leading telematics software. This can help you to get a quote where other insurers might not be able to provide you with one, or to reduce the cost of your insurance upon renewal.

We can also cover recent taxi badge holders (within the last two years) and younger or inexperienced drivers, as part of a fleet of drivers. Cover costs may increase as a result.

For a personalised quote for your business, get in touch with us. We’ll see if you can save money on your taxi fleet renewal quote.

Employers’ liability and public liability cover for taxi fleets

Employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance are a must for taxi fleet operators.

If you employ staff/drivers, then employers’ liability cover is a legal requirement. It protects your business against claims of alleged injury from employees.

Public liability insurance offers the same cover against claims from members of the public. It is not a legal requirement, but it is recommended.

While most companies provide public liability cover for passengers in your taxi, ChoiceQuote goes further by covering claims made by passengers in your vehicle, as well as outside of your vehicle when picking them up (from their home or other location) and dropping them off (e.g. at a school).

This additional (non-motor) cover of up to £5m per claim provides the cover needed for contract work (for local authorities, for example).

What other taxi fleet cover should I consider?

Additional policy cover also includes:

Business interruption insurance

Covering your taxi business against fires & floods, business interruption can help to recover lost income if your business has to close temporarily.

Legal expenses

The cost of legal fees can be crippling for smaller businesses, while the cost of insurance is relatively small, so it is worth covering for legal expenses in case of any issues which require legal representation.

Breakdown cover

 We can provide breakdown cover for taxis, keeping vehicles moving and your passengers on the go – so you don’t lose out on valuable business.

Directors’ and officers’ insurance

As a business owner, director’ and officers’ insurance covers if you are sued personally for alleged wrongdoing in your business. Let us know if you want to find out more about this added protection on your taxi policy.

We’ll guide you through your options and advise on the best cover to meet your needs.

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