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Winter Driving

Crash course – avoiding accidents in winter

Winter is a difficult time of year for drivers, especially those who work for a living and spend the most time on the road. Taxi drivers, couriers and hauliers will find themselves on the road at all hours during what is inevitably a busy time for everyone who is a professional driver. Dark nights and Read the full article…

Christmas Cookies

Preparing your taxi business for the festive season

A profession that often isn’t mentioned among the so-called ‘unsung Christmas heroes’ is taxi drivers, who often find themselves extremely busy during the festive season. But how do taxi drivers prepare for Christmas and New Year? We’ve listed a few tips to help you through the cold days and nights. A time to earn more Read the full article…

Dash Cam

Can telematics save you money on your taxi insurance?

Telematics – more commonly known as a ‘black box’ – are often linked with young or inexperienced drivers, and are seen by some people as ‘spying devices,’ reporting on your speed and location to your insurer. However, modern telematics can be very useful in proving who is at fault when an accident happens, where and Read the full article…