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Motor Trade Insurance

Motor trade insurance covers businesses of all shapes and sizes. No matter what kind of services you offer, or where your operations are based, effective insurance will make sure your motor trade business is always protected.

This applies to repair garages and vehicle sales, all the way through to dealers of prestigious or classic cars. As long as you’re working in the motor trade industry, securing the best deal for your business is essential to futureproof your success.

At ChoiceQuote, we’ve been helping motor traders and dealerships secure effective insurance since 1995. Together with our experience in providing exclusive and competitive premiums to business across the UK, we’ve become one of the best known names in the industry.

So, whether you’re buying, selling, repairing or transporting vehicles, we can help you find the cover you need to protect your operations and livelihood.

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What are the different types of motor trade insurance coverage?

Road risk insurance

This is the minimum legal requirement for a motor trade business and allows you to drive vehicles on public roads when conducting business. It also includes vehicles that don’t belong to you.

Combined motor insurance

This is a combination of covers, which includes road risk insurance and also protects your equipment and business premises. It is suitable for anyone operating from business premises in the motor trade.
Additional options for coverage include:

  • Employers’ liability
  • Public liability
  • Product liability
  • Material and equipment damage
  • Money cover
  • Tools cover
  • Additional drivers
  • Luxury vehicles

The right motor trade insurance policy for you will be a combination of the above. Working with experts to tailor the levels of cover to your requirements will ensure you get the best value coverage, as well as the reassurance that your insurance provider will be there for you should disaster strike.

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Why choose us?

Expert features available at ChoiceQuote

  • Road risks insurance or traders combined insurance
  • Employers’ liability and public liability cover
  • Different levels of indemnity available
  • Instalment plans
  • 24-hour claims line
  • Dedicated call centre
  • Reputable and established company

Do I need trade insurance?

If you run a business in the motor trade then you are legally required to have a basic level of trade insurance. Ultimately, you will need traders insurance if you have vehicles and staff under your care.
This applies to any type of business, including mechanics, car dealers, vehicle valets and small businesses. With such a huge range of different services and business models out there, it pays to tailor your policy to your unique requirements as a trader.
There are various types of trade insurance on offer that can help you protect the most important elements of your business. Understanding what these are is the first step in ensuring your operations are completely covered.

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How do I get motor trader insurance?

We’ll help you get to the finish line, but to take out any cover, you’ll need to provide some essential details:

  • Proof that you are conducting a motor trade business
  • Receipts of purchase and sale of vehicles
  • Receipts of purchased parts, when working in repair
  • Evidence that you deal with a certain number of vehicles

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Identifying the most appropriate and affordable traders insurance for your business is crucial. Getting this right will ultimately future-proof your business and cover you in the event of any unexpected accidents or damages.

Get in touch today and discuss your options with ChoiceQuote, where one of our experts can help you secure the best motor trade insurance policy for your business.

What motor trade insurance do I need?

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