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Multi Van Insurance for Couriers

Courier businesses who own several delivery vehicles will find it easier to insure them under one fleet policy, rather than finding individual cover.

Courier fleet insurance offers this convenience. As well as adding several vehicles, you can also insure multiple drivers under the same policy. This makes it easier to manage your insurance arrangements.

You can also reduce the cost of your cover with courier fleet insurance, compared with taking out separate courier van insurance policies for each vehicle.

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What is covered by courier fleet van insurance?

Fleet insurance covers vehicles used for hire and reward, including vehicles delivering parcels, packages, newspapers, or other goods to multiple locations. A courier fleet insurance policy is built for businesses with three or more fleet vehicles carrying out this activity.

If you have less than three vehicles, courier van insurance is more suitable.

As with any insurance policy, you can cover vehicles on a third-party, third-party fire and theft, or comprehensive basis – or a mixture of these if required.

In addition to vehicle cover, your courier fleet policy can include:

  • Goods in transit cover – protection against theft, damage, or loss of any items you are transporting.
  • Employers’ liability cover – legally required protection against claims from employees injured during their work.
  • Public liability cover – often packaged with employers’ liability cover to protect you against injury claims from members of the public.
  • Telematics – optional installation of a full range of telematics products that can track drivers, report claims in real-time to insurers, and aid driver training. All of this can help to reduce your insurance premiums.

Typically, drivers will be aged 25 and over on a courier fleet policy, but insurers still consider younger drivers. If you have any drivers with claims or motoring convictions, they can also be added to your fleet policy; however, as with all motor insurance, this could affect the insurance premium you pay.

If your courier fleet has vehicles carrying uncommon goods, for example hazardous materials, you’ll be pleased to know that these can be covered too. Speak to us about your requirements – we will look to place you with the right insurance company for your needs.

Types of vehicles covered by courier fleet insurance

Most courier vehicles are vans that have a 7.5T GVW or less. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find cover for other vehicles, such as motorbikes, as part of a larger fleet policy.

A courier fleet typically comprises at least three or more vans. There is no limit to the number of vehicles that can be covered, with cost savings available per vehicle with each additional motor added.

How much does courier fleet insurance cost?

No two fleets are the same, so costs vary considerably.

Factors affecting the price you pay include:

  • How long your business has been operating
  • Where the vehicles are located
  • Your confirmed claims experience
  • The number of vehicles covered
  • The type of vehicles and their age
  • The experience of named drivers
  • The type of goods you transport
  • The size of the delivery areas
  • The number of employees
  • Telematics equipment installed

We can cover fleets of all sizes. So, for a bespoke quote, simply give us a call.

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The single biggest factor in finding a competitive quote is obtaining your confirmed claims experience from an existing insurer. This will help us search the market on your behalf and provide an accurate quote from our panel of insurers.

Your business’s trading history, the number of vehicles you wish to cover (including registration details), and driver details (including claims and convictions) are all required in obtaining a quote for courier fleet insurance. The more information you can offer, the easier it will be to provide a competitive quote.

Call our friendly team of specialist courier insurance advisors today for your tailored insurance quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I insure different vehicles on courier fleet insurance (e.g. vans and cars)?

    Yes, it is possible to include different vehicles as part of your overall courier fleet. However, courier vans must make up the bulk of your fleet. These include cars, motorbikes, or larger vehicles (e.g., small trucks).
  2. Do I qualify for fleet insurance?

    If you operate three or more vehicles for courier work, you can request a quote for courier fleet insurance.But please be conscious that you must deliver goods for hire and reward, with a single pickup point and multiple drop-off points.
  3. Can drivers on a fleet van policy drive all vehicles listed?

    Typically, all drivers listed on a policy can drive any vehicle covered by the insurance. However, if there are any restrictions, these will be listed on your policy and discussed with you before you take out cover.
  4. Why should I have a fleet van policy for my courier business?

    • Save time and money by insuring all vehicles and drivers under one policy.
    • It’s easy to add or remove vehicles as you build your fleet or sell vehicles.
    • All your drivers can be included in one policy, allowing them to drive different vehicles in your fleet.
    • There’s one renewal date, instead of multiple for each vehicle.
    • Benefit from potential cost reductions by installing telematics in your fleet of vehicles.
    • Include additional covers under the same policy, such as goods in transit, public liability and employers’ liability — all with one renewal date.
  5. What is a courier fleet policy?

    Courier fleet policies allow 3 or more vehicles to be insured on one policy. Instead of a policy for each vehicle, you can ensure as many vehicles as you need for courier use. The advantages of this include:
    • The ability to add several vehicles and drivers to one policy
    • A single renewal date and point of contact to manage your policy
    • Different vehicle types can be added (though the majority will need to be vans for most insurers)
    • The ability to manage your fleet on the road with telematics software, reducing the chance of claims and the time taken for claims to be processed
    • Overall savings – the more vehicles you add, and the lower the number of claims, the greater the potential savings

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