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What Is Courier Insurance?

Courier insurance will protect you, your vehicle and your reputation in the event that you are involved in an accident or other incident during your work. You can also purchase insurance to cover the value of the goods that you are transporting in case they are lost, damaged or stolen. The types of goods you are delivering could be anything from parcels to medical supplies, but you will only count as a courier for insurance purposes if you are delivering goods to multiple locations in a time sensitive way. Other types of work such as takeaway delivery or haulage involve different risks, so you should make sure you only pay for the insurance that applies to your circumstances.

If you run a courier business that has five or fewer commercial vehicles, you will need courier insurance for your vehicles. If you have more vehicles in your courier business, you should consider our cost-effective courier fleet insurance policies, which allow you to cover all of your vehicles on one policy.

If you use a car to deliver your items as a courier, please refer to our specialist courier car insurance information.

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What Does Courier Van Insurance Cover Me For?

Your van is the lifeblood of your business – without it, you aren’t able to deliver the goods that your customers require.  You therefore need appropriate insurance to cover you

Courier insurance will cover you in the event that your commercial vehicle is involved in an incident or accident.  Third party fire and theft insurance – which covers damage to another vehicle, person, animal or property – is the minimum level of cover available.  Comprehensive cover will also cover your own vehicle in the same circumstances.

ChoiceQuote’s courier insurance offers a wide range of benefits not available through all brokers.  Working with various, widely recognised insurers, we are able to offer:

  • Protected No Claims Discount
  • Drivers aged 25 and above
  • Windscreen Cover with excess starting at £50
  • Excesses from £250 for motor*
  • Free EU cover for up to 90 days*
  • Uninsured loss recovery
  • Drivers with motoring convictions, claims and accidents can be covered

Additionally, you may also want to take advantage of additional products available through ChoiceQuote.

* for vehicles up to 3.5GVW

*dependent on insurer

How Much Does It Cost?

Couriers operate in a wide range of areas with vastly differing circumstances, so the cost of insurance is based on the business you carry out. However we do try to find cheap courier van insurance for our customers where possible.

While basic goods in transit cover starts at a very affordable £3.37 a week, the cost of the quotation to cover your vehicle(s) will vary dependent on the number and type of vehicles, the age of your driver(s), the distances and locations that you cover etc.  If you are looking for cheap courier insurance quotes, the best option is to call us to discuss your needs so we can analyse what your business needs and offer a competitive quote for you.

How Can I Get A Quote?

To obtain a courier van insurance quote, please call our friendly team of specialist courier insurance advisors on 0800 440 2180 or request a call back by filling in the form at the top of this page. We will be pleased to offer a competitive quotation based on your business’s individual requirements, ensuring you get affordable cover that meets your needs.


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