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Car Dealership Insurance

Whether you are a new car dealer or someone who primarily sells used vehicles, you will need car dealership insurance to protect you and your business.

Car dealership insurance is essentially an umbrella term that describes the multiple types of cover you can take out to suit your business. This factors in the value of your stock, buildings, equipment and more.

Here at ChoiceQuote, we’ve been helping car dealerships secure motor trade insurance since 1995. With our experience in providing exclusive and competitive premiums to businesses across the UK, we can help you access the right policy to keep your business operating smoothly.

What do new car dealers need to insure?

New car dealers need the same kind of cover as those who have been running their business for years. When you are investing in vehicles, property and staff, you are legally required to have a basic level of car dealership insurance.

This policy will typically include cover for vehicle stock, as well as employers’ and public liability.

Call us on 01625 885046 to find out what kind of cover is recommended for your business. Our experienced advisers can help you secure not only the most relevant insurance policy, but one of the best priced.

It’s easy. Simply provide us with some essential details, such as the kinds of services you offer and where you operate from. We’ll then be able to offer you a tailored insurance quote for your motor trade business.

What does car dealership insurance cover?

Whether you require new or used car dealership insurance, policies typically offer the same range of optional features, including:

  • Road risk cover
  • Cover for vehicle stock
  • Cover for buildings and contents
  • Employers’ and public liability – to protect against injury claims from employees and members of the public

To allow potential buyers to test-drive your vehicles, you will want to arrange accompanied demonstration cover. By doing so, you can ensure the financial safety of you and your customers if an accident were to occur.

Features available at ChoiceQuote:

  • Road risk cover
  • Traders combined cover
  • Installment plans
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Multiple levels of indemnity
  • 24-hour claims line
  • Online motor trade quotes
  • Dedicated call centre

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