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Q – Why do I lose my No Claim Bonus when the accident wasn’t my fault?

A – Inevitably, there are always two sides to every story. Although you will have completed a claim form providing a description of the accident circumstances, the other party involved will also have completed a claim form for their own insurance company, which usually has a slightly different version of events. Each party’s insurance company will believe their own respective customer’s description of the circumstances; however, until it is established who was actually at fault by way of settlement of the claim, both parties will lose their No Claim Bonus.

Q – Why do I have to pay an excess when the accident wasn’t my fault?

A – Your insurance policy will always be subject to a policy excess irrespective of liability, which is classed as an uninsured loss. If the accident wasn’t your fault, then you are entitled to pursue recovery of this from the responsible party or their insurance company.

Q – Why should I claim on my own insurance policy when the accident was not my fault?

A – You are entitled to pursue a claim directly from the responsible party’s insurance company. However, you must realise that you are not entitled to the same benefits as with your own insurance policy. If you are comprehensively insured and you claim on the responsible party’s insurance, then the process of claiming for the damage to your vehicle takes longer as you are claiming from an insurance company to whom you do not pay a premium. The third party insurer has no obligation to act quickly in settling your claim. You have a duty to mitigate your own losses and you would not be entitled to claim for extended hire/storage charges as these would not have been incurred if you had claimed via your own policy.