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What is Courier Car Insurance?

Are you are a courier that uses your car to deliver items? ChoiceQuote can offer insurance cover to use your car for business purposes, so may be able to help you. Many ask, How much does courier insurance cost? At ChoiceQuote we hope to answer that with the best quote for your services.

How can ChoiceQuote help?

ChoiceQuote can help you in making sure that you have the right insurance cover for your specific circumstances.

With almost two decades of experience, we are commercial courier insurance specialists who are able to offer the right cover at the right price to suit your needs, and can also cover vans and fleets of courier vehicles.

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Will business use on my private car policy cover me for this work?

Class 3 business insurance can cover some delivery work – e.g. delivering flowers or take-away foods – but not necessarily for all types of business. It is worth checking with ChoiceQuote to see what level of insurance cover you may require.

Some couriers who use their car will be self-employed, so will need to ensure adequate cover. In this instance, you might also want to consider goods in transit insurance, which can provide cover if you need to insure customers’ items while they are in your vehicle.

Others looking for courier car insurance could be employed, in which case you may be covered under your employer’s insurance – but you should not assume this to be the case, and should check to make sure your employer’s policy covers you.

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