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Motor Trade Combined Insurance

Motor trade combined insurance is a combination of insurance cover that protects the premises of your motor trade business, including essential assets such as vehicles and machinery.

Traders combined insurance is designed to deliver cover for every aspect of your motor trade business. Whether you operate as an independent motor trader from a small garage or as part of a larger operation running things from a professional forecourt, the correct level of motor trade combined insurance will give you valuable peace of mind and the professional cover your business needs to operate smoothly.

What does combined traders’ insurance cover?

Trader’s combined motor trade insurance is more complex than road risk only insurance, as it offers coverage for a number of aspects related to your motor trade business:

  • Damage to business premises and materials
  • Damage to vehicles, equipment and tools needed to run your business
  • Goods in transit
  • Business interruption insurance, covering consequential financial losses
  • Theft of business cash
  • Employers, public, service and sales indemnity liability
  • Road risk insurance
  • Business all risks, protecting against property losses, such as items belonging to your employees

Traders combined insurance policies cover more than just your vehicles. This can push the price up on premiums but it’s important to consider the value of such a policy to your business as a whole.

Cheaper policies don’t always cover all the things you need to protect your business and for some companies it will be worth the additional cost of taking out traders combined insurance to achieve peace of mind and reduced expense should disaster strike.

Do I need combined insurance?

Traders’ combined insurance is suited to a wide range of onsite businesses within the motor trade industry, from manufacturers and wholesalers to warehousing. If you work from your business premises, whether it is a garage or a car dealer showroom, and you possess tools and vehicles that are valuable to your business, combined motor trade insurance is highly recommended.

What are my cover options?

Generally, this type of coverage will give you complete control over the different features of your policy allowing you to tailor it to your own business insurance requirements.
We’ve used our years of experience to work with insurance companies who have gone the extra mile to create tailored combined insurance packages, offering better deals and lower premiums by grouping recommended levels of cover.


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