More women urged to work in motor industry

A female mechanic and a female garage owner from Cornwall have spoken out about sexism that is rife within the motor industry.

Karen Gallagher and Samantha Congden of North Country Garage in Redruth, Cornwall, have said it is difficult to gain recognition or respect within the “male chauvinist” industry. A recent survey by Approved Garages showed that around half of the 1,330 women questioned revealed they ask a man to accompany them to get their car serviced or repaired through fear they would be treated unfairly or ripped off if they went alone.

There has subsequently been a move to try and get more females working in car garages to discourage such behaviour. However, whether employing male or female staff, a car garage must be sure to factor its workforce into its motor trade insurance policy; getting the right cover to protect you, your employees and the actions they undertake against any wrongdoings or mishaps is essential when sourcing a quote.

This Is The West Country reported yesterday (22 April) that after obtaining her qualifications Ms Congden struggled to get a job in the male dominated industry. She is now urging more women to join her and break the prevailing male dominance of car garages.

Meanwhile, in Glasgow, the Evening Times has run a similar story today revealing that two sisters are training to become mechanics in a bid to open the first all-female garage in the near future. This is aimed at both helping female mechanics find work but also providing women drivers with somewhere they want to take their cars without fear of being exploited.