Car mechanic launches female-only repair course

A mechanic in Riverhead has launched a female-only course to help teach women how to repair and maintain their cars.

Luci Burnham, 26, is running the course to boost confidence among female car owners as many currently worry that they are taken for a ride when they take their vehicle to a car garage. The employee at Alan Johnson Vehicle Repairs says that the male dominated environment in car garages can be intimidating for some less car savvy people, but greater knowledge of what is happening under the bonnet will increase confidence.

For anyone currently or looking to repair cars for a living, it is important to remember that they will require a road risks insurance policy. This will enable them to drive customers' cars both to transport the vehicles and also get behind the wheel as part of the testing process.

Ms Burnham explained to the Sevenoaks Chronicle: "A customer came in to pick up her vehicle and mentioned that she'd been looking into car maintenance courses but said they seemed to be expensive and male-led.

"Lots of women are put off by that. They don't want to feel silly if they get things wrong and it made me think that courses for women were something I could offer … My boss said if I wanted to run them then he'd support me and allow me to use the workshop for it. So that's where it all started."