Rogue dealers dying out thanks to internet research

A new study has found that more than half of car dealers think that the internet helps car buyers to avoid unscrupulous dealers.

The used car market has also been positively impacts by the internet, and buyers' ability to browse online before coming into a dealership, according to 47 per cent of dealers questioned in the survey. The study was carried out by CarGurus, which launched in the UK a year ago after success in the US. The firm specialises in offering online car ads for those wanting to buy a used car.

The fact that buyers are now able to do a vast amount of research online before buying a car at a dealership has helped to reduce the feelings that dealers can pull the wool over buyers' eyes so to speak. Buyers have the power these days and it is the dealer's job to provide great customer service, advice and aftersales care.

Dealers looking to offer all of these things to the highest level should ensure they have the right level of motor trade insurance to cover their entire enterprise.

CarGurus' chief executive, Langley Steinhart, who co-founded review website TripAdvisor, said: "Consumers are excited about the fact they can get this transparency. They can see if a car is priced properly, they can read the dealer reviews, they can see how many price drops the car has had."

It seems that dealers as well as consumers are happy that the days of the uninformed driver getting a raw deal from rogue dealers are behind us.