Why do I need goods in transit cover?

Goods in Transit Cover

With courier insurance, there are three main things to watch out for:

  • You need cover for your vehicle(s) – a courier insurance policy.
  • You need cover for the goods that you are carrying – a goods in transit policy. This is very important, yet many online courier insurance quotes only cover the vehicle you are using, which could leave you dangerously exposed to claims against goods that are damaged in transit.
  • Finally, because you are regularly dealing directly with members of the public, you should also consider public liability insurance. And if you employ anybody, then employers’ liability insurance is most often a legal requirement (with a small range of exceptions).

Goods in transit insurance cover might not be a legal requirement, but for any courier, it really is a must. Couriers who have been delivering goods for a while will know that – in spite of their best efforts – items can be damaged, lost, stolen or even destroyed when being moved from one place to another.

There are a number of companies and associations who will not work with couriers unless they have goods in transit cover. This is because without goods in transit cover, you’re unlikely to have any kind of insurance protection against these the value of the goods you are transporting, so could end up legally liable for claims to repair or replace items.

This can prove very costly. Load your van with packages, and the collective value of the items that you are carrying can potentially rack up to a small fortune. Even if one high value package happens to be damaged, it can cost you dear if you don’t have appropriate goods in transit insurance.

Tell ChoiceQuote about any conditions of carriage that you are contracted to, and we will ensure that you have the right level of cover to meet your needs. This can vary from a limitation of cover of a certain amount per tonne of goods carried, through to full responsibility (i.e. you are covered for the full value of goods you carry).

Goods in transit cover is affordable. Starting from as little as £3.37 a week for a standalone policy – which also covers you for public liability and employers’ liability as standard – you can gain valuable protection against breakages, damages, lost or stolen goods. Ask yourself – for the type of business that you run, can you afford to be without it?

Speak to the experts in courier insurance at ChoiceQuote on 0800 440 2180, or fill in our goods in transit form for an online quotation.

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