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What is black cab insurance?

Whether you have a private hire, PCO, or public hire licence, you need taxi insurance to drive a black cab.

Black cabs – also known as Hackney carriages – are often used to pick up fares from paying customers who hail down taxis on the street. These are operated by public hire licenced drivers; in London, these people have passed ‘The Knowledge.’

Some black cabs, however, are also used by private hire or PCO-licensed drivers. In these situations, the taxis must be pre-booked by customers.

They aren’t all black, either! Whatever colour your cab is, you can’t drive it without the right insurance. This should include cover for your customers, members of the public, any employees, and your cab itself.

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Types of black cab insurance:

  • Sole driver policies
    • Where only the owner can drive the taxi.
  • A named driver policy
    • Where people named on the policy can drive the vehicle (useful if more than one driver uses the taxi).
  • An ‘any driver’ policy
    • Where anyone employed by a taxi company can drive the vehicle (more common for PCO or private hire companies).

ChoiceQuote can also cover taxi fleets. Whether it’s a fleet of black cabs or a combination of taxi vehicles, get in touch to see what we can do.

Who needs black cab insurance?

Anyone who drives a Hackney carriage will need black cab insurance.

Most black cab drivers will need public hire insurance. If you have a PCO or private hire licence, you’ll need private hire taxi insurance to cover pre-booked rides.

ChoiceQuote not only cover black cabs, we also offer insurance for all types of taxi. Whether it’s a saloon or an MPV with multiple seats, we can help you find the right policy.

What does black cab insurance include?

Your black cab insurance will cover you to legally drive your taxi. This could be for picking up customers who hail down your cab or pre-bookings.

Black cab insurance comes in three levels (the same as standard car cover):

  • Third-party only
    • Is the minimum level of cover required for your taxi. If you have an accident involving another vehicle or member of the public, your insurance will cover you for any claims made against you. Please note that this doesn’t include cover against damage occurring to your taxi.
  • Third-party fire and theft
    • Provides the same cover as above, but adds fire damage and theft protection to your vehicle.
  • Comprehensive cover
    • Adds insurance for damage to your vehicle, as well as the benefits of third-party fire and theft cover.

Excesses may apply to these covers.

Additionally, you’ll want to add public liability cover. This insures you against claims for alleged injury from the public.

If you employ black cab drivers, you’ll need employers’ liability insurance. This covers you against claims from employees for the same as public liability insurance.

Tell us about your business needs and we’ll find you a suitable insurance policy.

How much does insurance for Hackney carriages cost?

Several factors can affect how much you pay for black cab insurance, including:

  • Age
  • Experience
  • Where your taxi business is based
  • How many hours you’re on the road
  • How many miles you cover each year
  • And more

Opting for third-party only insurance doesn’t always mean cheap taxi cover. Sometimes, comprehensive insurance works out cheaper – and gives you better cover. It’s best to compare prices from across the market and find the best deal for you.

ChoiceQuote can arrange cover for new badge holders, as well as younger and older taxi drivers. While this isn’t always the cheapest insurance available, it gets you on the road and earning money. It also offers you a chance to build up your taxi no-claims bonus.

It’s sometimes worth paying a bit more to get better quality insurance. Check what your policy covers – some offer additional benefits.

Tell us about your business needs and we’ll find you the best quote from our panel of insurers.

Benefits of Black Cab insurance

  • Third-party, third-party fire and theft, or comprehensive cover for your taxi.
  • Public liability insurance as standard, or available upon request.
  • Cover for drivers aged 23-75 years old.
  • Cover for new badge holders available.
  • Drivers with claims or convictions considered.
  • Repayment options.
  • UK offices.

Can you cover electric, hybrid or LPG black cabs?

The latest generation of black cabs are going green. In polluted city centres, this is good news for environmentally-conscious taxi drivers and dwellers alike.

While the initial cost of buying an electric taxi can be quite high, the running costs offer savings in the long run.

More taxi drivers will be considering changing their cabs in the months ahead. There are already around 2,500 hybrid taxis made by LEVC on the streets of the capital, and the company has recently launched a fully-electric black cab.

ChoiceQuote can provide insurance for taxis of all types. Whether you drive a regular diesel-powered black cab, a hybrid, an LPG-fuelled vehicle or an all-electric model, we’ve got insurers who can cover your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I insure my taxi for personal use?

    If you’re a registered taxi driver, you can still use your vehicle for personal use. Rules can differ depending on your local council, so make sure you check in advance.
  2. How many drivers can I have on my policy?

    When you purchase single vehicle taxi insurance, you can insure up to 4 drivers on a ‘named drivers’ policy. Dependent on your insurer, you can cover any authorised driver, rather than all named drivers on your fleet.
  3. What other policies do you offer?

    We know that you rely on your vehicle to make a living. In an unfortunate case of a breakdown, you will want to get back on the road as soon as possible. We offer breakdown cover in addition to your existing policy or as a new policy. Legal expenses cover is also available.
  4. What types of vehicles will your taxi insurance cover?

    Our insurance covers a wide range of vehicles from saloons to executive cars.
  5. Can I get cover today?

    Yes, if you need insurance today, you can buy immediate cover. You can make a payment by credit or debit card or if you choose to pay by Direct Debit, you can pay an initial deposit and then pay the remaining amount over monthly instalments.

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