Bikers given road safety tips for spring

Bikers hoping to avoid a claim on their motorcycle insurance this spring might want to follow some advice from a road safety organisation.

TyreSafe is suggesting that bikers inspect their vehicles before embarking on journeys as being stored for a period of time in cold conditions may have affected the bike’s wheel safety.

A long period of inactivity could have led to under-inflation, cracking or dry rotting, the body, which is sponsored by tyre firms such as Continental Tyres, states.

Under-inflation can cause tyres to heat up too much, resulting in a breakdown, the organisation adds.

It has issued a number of tips for bikers to follow to stay safe this spring.

Among the suggestions is to keep wheels inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended levels and to check regularly for embedded objects, cuts and wear.

Meanwhile, damaged or old valve stems should be replaced, as should cracked or bent rims.