What you should know when comparing Motor Trade Insurance quotes?

February 13th 2014

When it comes to your business, getting the best possible deal for you and your company is of vital importance. If you are in the motor trade, be it as a mechanic, a car salesmen or a valet centre, you will need to make sure that you get the best Motor Trade Insurance quote possible.

The first, and ultimately most important question that needs to be considered when comparing Motor Trade Insurance quotes is – can you really rely on quotes and offers generated through online forms? Or is it better to get your information directly from your broker?

At first glance the answer to this may seem to come down to simply being one of preference, but in actuality speaking to a human being, especially an individual with years of experience, is the only way to get fast and accurate information. A telephone conversation allows you to ask those specialist questions and, crucially, to make sure there are no hidden restrictions and exclusions.

The second question that many will ask is – should I take the cheapest quote? Sometimes the offer that looks the best when skim-read can come with a string of complications attached. Only by speaking with a professional broker can you get the best deal for your company. With thorough comparisons, it will be the best value for money and contain everything you need to get your business the best cover.

For the best deal on Motor Trade Insurance quotes, call a broker from the award-winning, specialist, ChoiceQuote, on 0800 440 2179 and get the peace of mind you deserve.