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Comparing Motor Trade Insurance Quotes Online


Compare Motor Trade Insurance Quotes Online

It might seem like a simple request to get an online motor trade quote from either an insurance broker or company, but in reality it isn’t that easy. We’re all aware of the aggregator sites comparing online quotes for all types of insurance covers including business insurance. However, this does not extend to the motor trade sector on a wider scale, which can be frustrating when all you want is to compare your motor trade insurance online.

ChoiceQuote Commercial is different to the rest and will give you a quote online for your motor trade insurance. However, you may struggle to find another quote online for you to use as a comparison. So while it might seem like a good indication of the premium you could be looking to pay, we do encourage you to compare your motor trade insurance carefully by calling us on 0800 440 2179 to discuss your requirements – even after you have done the online quotation. Click here to quote

Motor Traders Getting a Quote Online

There are many types of motor traders to cater for which means it can be difficult to build a robust and accurate quote engine to help motor traders compare policies online. Motor trade insurance is considered a specialist area by most insurers and they will often leave it to brokers to compare policies on behalf of clients and recommend the most appropriate levels of cover. Due to the complexities of the marketplace and the need to tailor covers even for Road Risk Only products – it does make sense to mainly offer quotations over the phone.

ChoiceQuote Offers Motor Trade Insurance Quote Online

Our website allows you to get a motor trade insurance quote online. You can then compare this with your other quotations. We then suggest you call us on 0800 440 2179 to ensure you have the most competitive price. Even if the price doesn’t compare to what you have been quoted elsewhere, there may be other options available that we can offer you for your motor trade insurance.

We like to speak to our customers over the phone because this gives us a greater understanding of your business. As an insurance broker, we are here to give professional advice and not rely solely on comparisons found online.

I don’t want to speak to anyone about my motor trade insurance – I want to do it online

Your motor trade business may have changed since the last renewal so going from your renewal documentation may leave you exposed. You may also take comfort from speaking to your broker because if you ever need to claim – you’ll want to speak to someone over the phone to guide you through the claims process. There are many advantages to dealing with a motor trade broker over the phone rather than relying on online comparisons. Our team is knowledgeable, friendly and understand the motor trade sector well. Call us on 0800 440 2179 for a quick quotation or click here for quote.