Ford Transits utilised for Bath sculpture transportation

Ford’s Transit van has received a recommendation from the organisers of a community event in Bath, who used the van to transport large sculptures across the region.

The Lions of Bath initiative involves the placement of 100 life-size lion sculptures around the area to support its status as a World Heritage City.

In order to transport the items to their desired locations, Allen Ford of Bath supplied the event’s organisers with a fleet of Ford Transit vans adorned with special liveries to commemorate the programme.

Megan Witty, one of the Lions of Bath organisers, praised the vehicles for their eye-catching aesthetics, as well as highlighting their suitability for accomplishing a difficult task.

She said: “We really needed a large, long-wheelbase vehicle to be able to carry around as many lions as we can – with 100 in the pride the logistics can be difficult.”

This comes after the AA augmented its AutoWindshields fleet with a number of new Transit vans last month, praising the vehicle for its reliability and affordability.

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