Motorists overlooking signs on the ground?

Drivers are being urged to consider the meaning of road markings that tell them to stop.

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), while red lights tend to get most drivers to stop, junction markings reading ‘STOP’ are often ignored.

Some such markings will be at best treated as a give way point, but many motorists are unaware of how relevant these signs are, the body suggests.

It states: “This may be because we all suffer from ‘signage overload’: there are so many instructions, official and unofficial, and so many direction signs and road signs competing for our attention that we already have our head full of information coming at us at eye level.”

This makes it easier for the signs on the ground to be overlooked, the IAM adds.

It is calling upon motorists to think when they see such signs of why the markings are there and avoid getting into a risky situation – which could potentially endanger their car or van insurance premiums.

According to Devon county council, road markings are as important as signs.