New Branded Taxi for ChoiceQuote

Taxi Insurance Broker finds a new local advertising medium

ChoiceQuote Insurance have specialised in taxi insurance for over 26 years and now have a large share of the Liverpool and Manchester taxi markets, providing great value insurance cover for customers who renew year after year.

Choicequote Branded Taxi

Unlike other drivers, taxi drivers still like to deal face-to-face with a local insurance broker, discussing all product options and paying in cash. In 1979 ChoiceQuote established an office in Bury for local Manchester business and in 2002 relocated to Worsley to provide a local service for Greater Manchester taxi drivers.

Many of ChoiceQuote’s other products require national advertising, using national magazines and internet advertising. However, due to the local nature of the taxi business ChoiceQuote have been testing ways of advertising their insurance services locally.

So where do you advertise in Manchester where taxi drivers will see your advert? On another taxi! The majority of public hire taxi drivers sit in a taxi rank queue most of the day, and therefore spend a lot of time looking at the back of the taxi in front. ChoiceQuotehave recently acquired the services of Craig Sargeant and his black cab, using his LTI TXII as a moving advert for ChoiceQuote Taxi Insurance. Craig is a loyal ChoiceQuote customer with a number of cabs insured through the Worsley office. Local sign writers The Sign Studio in Salford have produced livery for the hackney cab which shows ChoiceQuote adverts on all sides of the vehicle.

The ChoiceQuote cab will be seen in ranks across Manchester including Salford and Manchester International Airport for the next year and help establish the ChoiceQuote name in the minds of taxi drivers as Greater Manchester’s taxi insurance specialist.

ChoiceQuote have excellent taxi and minicab insurance rates for the Greater Manchester area and for both public and private hire taxi drivers. ChoiceQuote have also just acquired a breakdown product which is designed specifically for taxi drivers, and therefore now have a comprehensive taxi insurance package for all drivers. Other add on products are public liability, personal accident cover, protected bonus, private car insurance and uninsured loss recovery.