Black and white still top the charts for new car colour

UK buyers are still most likely to purchase a new car in white or black, according to the latest stats on our preferred shades from the Society of Motor Manufacturer and Traders (SMMT).

White has been the top colour for four years in a row now, with a fifth of all new cars (over 500,000 units) being sold in white. However, although it is still the most popular shade, the unforgiving colour has fallen slightly out of favour, with demand down 2.1 per cent. Overall though, some 40 per cent of the new car market is still taken over by white and black cars.

There were a few surprises in the latest SMMT figures, including a re-entry for yellow, back in the top ten for the first time in a while with 12,431 brave drivers opting for this shade. Perhaps not too surprisingly, mauve fell out of the top ten, while silver and blue both enjoyed increased market share to take the third and fourth spots respectively.

Car dealers will find these latest figures on colours helpful when considering which vehicles to feature on their forecourts and in their showrooms. Some dealers may decide to change their stock offering in line with the most popular colours as a result of this latest insight. If you are a dealer hoping to focus on the best-selling colours in the future, make sure you notify your <a href=”” target=”_blank”>
traders combined insurance provider of any changes to your stock to ensure each and every vehicles is covered under your policy.

Perhaps the most surprising change in the top ten was the 82.7 per cent increase in demand for pink cars, to 3,527 units, while there was a 44 per cent increase in the number of bronze cars registered and a four-fold rise in turquoise cars.

Interestingly, although it is still the third most popular shade, silver cars are far less in demand than they were back in 2004, when more than 800,000 were registered. In 2016, this number had fallen to just 273,220.