Car dealer staff ‘bogged down’ by tech overload

More than one in 10 dealership staff are logging into more than 11 systems every day, with 93 per cent stating that they spend more than two hours a day in front of screens rather than fulfilling their usual role, according to a study.

Carried out by Cap HPI, the survey also revealed that 36 per cent of respondents feel they do not have sufficient training in the use of multiple systems, which are used to meet a range of business needs including email marketing, websites, lead management, accounting and CRM.

According to AM Online, car dealer staff do not have enough time to complete their jobs due to being “bogged down” with the maintenance of a number of technology systems and the retrieving of information.

Mark Kelland, Dragon2000 commercial manager, stated that many dealers are at risk of losing or making use of inaccurate information from duplicate entry across systems, which could lead to serious errors such as vehicle pricing and description mistakes, as well as data compliance issues.

To ensure they are protected against any mistakes made across technology systems, car dealers should put in place and regularly update their motor trade insurance policy. There are many different varieties of insurance, but combined motor trade insurance offers professional indemnity and public liability cover that can help protect car dealer staff should they make errors that lead to customer issues.

Commenting on potential problems that could be caused by such extended technology use, Mr Kelland added that many car dealers continue to use generic or basic solutions that have little support and often fail to integrate with other systems.

“Without integration, very little data and information is shared and it can become a mammoth task to maintain them, resulting in errors and lost opportunities,” Mr Kelland continued. “With new data protection regulations being forced upon businesses next year, having customer data spread across multiple systems, will cause another headache for dealers.”

“They will need to ensure that they are following the rules within multiple systems. It would be far easier for them to manage all the data and compliance in one place,” he added. “It makes sense for dealers to look for one supplier who understands the motor trade inside out and can take care of their requirements, as they grow their businesses in the digital age.”