Car dealers barred from buying back depreciation-defying sports car

Car dealers have been prohibited from offering instant buy-back clauses when selling one particular sports car.

The Porsche Macan has defied the usual depreciation patterns of sports cars because demand for the vehicle heavily outweighs the supply. As a result, Porsche has barred dealers from offering customers a hefty profit to sell it back to them immediately after the sale so they can then sell it for above the standard new price.

Cases like this are rare but show a clear awareness among dealers of the typical values being achieved by certain models in the used car market. This awareness is key to inform the stock a seller – whether a solo trader or a larger business – takes on, which in turn will determine the level of cover they require from their road risks insurance or combined motor trade insurance policy.

CAP car pricing expert Tim Bearder explained how unique this particular situation is: “There have always been a few cars that fetch more than their original cost new, when demand seriously outstrips supply. But we’re usually talking about situations where someone is lucky enough to be able to afford to spend £75,000-plus on a rarity, classic or supercar.

“But the Macan, starting at just under £44,000 for a standard diesel model, costs much less new than any car that would normally guarantee you no depreciation or even a return on your investment.”

He added that he has come across some dealers who are willing to sell the vehicle new for the price of just under £44,000 and then purchase it back from the buyer for several thousands pounds above this original price. They can then stand to benefit from the increasing demand from the market.