Car dealers can track customer journey online

With increased use of technology and better software applications, car dealers in the UK can now track the entire journey of their customers online, reports CarDealer magazine.

According to iVendi, a company specialising in providing tools to sell vehicles easily online, UK car dealers can now monitor, evaluate and customise the entire customer journey undertaken by their customers using technology. The latest software will enable car dealers to track everything from the first visit to their website right through to their application for financing their purchase and having the car delivered to their home.

The data obtained from such technology will no doubt enable car dealers to improve the services that they offer to their customers. As part of this commitment to providing the very best level of customer service, car dealers should also consider good demonstration insurance to provide test drives on request — in addition to their general motor trade insurance and road risks insurance.

Furthermore, iVendi says that the latest technology will enable to provide huge amounts of useful data about individual buyers, as well as how they tend to act as a group. This will allow UK car dealers to fine tune their online services and ensure that they maximise their potential sales.

James Tew, the chief executive of iVendi, said of the latest developments in car selling technology: “Dealers have always been able to view certain aspects of customer behaviour, but we are now in a situation where some of the missing links of the journey have been completed and we can produce a comprehensive picture.

“Within one screen, dealers can look at all the key points in the customer journey. It is quite an advance and something that has definite value both in terms of meeting the needs of individuals and groups of customers.

“By doing this, of course, dealers will be able to drive profitability forward.”