Car dealers improving online response times

One in four car dealers are replying to online enquiries within an hour, a new test carried out by for AM-Online has found.

The study randomly chose 100 franchised and independent dealers and contacted them via email or through the online contact forms on their websites to ask about the stock they were advertising. The findings were that 60 replied within 24 hours, with 23 replying in just one hour, although 39 never replied at all.

Such is the way consumers shop today, with activity being focused online, it is positive that motor traders are catering to this demand. ChoiceQuote has made similar commitments, providing forms on its website that enable mechanics, garages and dealers to obtain an online road risks insurance quote quickly and easily, although it is advised that whenever possible a motor trader contacts the firm directly to ensure they get the policy that is best suited to their exact needs.

For car dealerships the signs are that they are improving in their online responses; in 2012, less than half (47 per cent) responded to email leads, while three years later this stands at 61 per cent, with the vast majority of those coming within a day.

However there is still some concern as to the quantity and quality of digital communications between car dealers and potential customers. Of the dealers which replied, 30 per cent were poor responses, in terms of how accurately they answered the questions and provided extra details about the vehicle and whether things like customisation and test drives were available.