Car owners skipping services, survey finds

Motorists in the UK are purposefully skipping their car's services despite knowing it will cost them more in the long run, a new study has found.

According to a survey by Kwik Fit, 20 per cent of car owners skipped their vehicle's service or other maintenance and repairs over the last 12 months. However, 45 per cent said they knew this would result in extra charges, with the additional bill for drivers estimated at £153.9 million.

Having regular repair work on a car can prove far cheaper than waiting for it to break down before taking it to a garage. As long as they are named on a road risks insurance policy, mechanics can test drive customers' cars as part of a service to make sure everything is running as it should, which can save the owner from a nasty shock that might be round the corner.

However, British motorists are not taking this approach, with drivers in the country's capital the most likely to skip a service. One third (33 per cent) of Londoners missed their car's service over the past year, while the south-west was found to be far more diligent when it came to car maintenance, with only 13 per cent of the region’s car owners saying they have skipped servicing or maintenance.

A Kwik Fit spokesman commented: "Delaying servicing or maintenance often ends up hitting drivers with a bigger bill in the long run. We are sure that car owners could have put that £150 million, which was needlessly spent, to much better use.

"The old adage of a stitch in time saves nine remains as true today as when our grandmothers first told it to us as children."