Fire at car repair garage destroys roof and vehicles

A fire took hold of a car garage site in Bradford, damaging the roof of the building and a handful of cars.

Around 70 firefighters attended the scene of the blaze at Cuckoo Nest industrial estate in Norcroft Street, Bradford, which started the morning of 9 October. In what is believed to have been an accident stemming from welding work taking place at the car repair garage, the roof of the building was destroyed, leaving only the frame, and some cars on site were also ruined.

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No one was injured in the fire, but a 200-metre cordon was set up and 300 people evacuated from nearby businesses as a precaution due to the potentially explosive cylinders on site.

Martin Speed, the District Commander for Bradford, said: “The fire was discovered by mechanics working within the garage who then raised the alarm.

"On our arrival workers were also attempting to remove vehicles from the site, however, a handful of cars have been destroyed by fire."