Lookers recognises long serving staff

Car dealership group Lookers has launched its first long service awards to reward staff who have been with the company for decades.

The programme is part of an incentive scheme run by the dealership group to engage with its staff and encourage loyalty, long service and good performance. It offers a number of benefits for the best performing workers, including money-off vouchers and gifts, extra paid time off work and lunch with the Lookers CEO.

You may not run a nationwide dealership group like Lookers but engaging with staff and offering incentives that encourage better customer service and sales can still play an important part in your business. Good staff are the bedrock of a business, alongside important admin issues such as a decent motor trade insurance and a road risks insurance policy.

Lookers presented long service certificates to 27 people who had worked at the business for more than 40 years. Ten of these had been with Lookers for 45 years and three had chalked up a half century.

Overall, the group handed out £70,000 in vouchers as part of the incentive scheme and awarded 2,322 extra days of paid leave. Seventy people were able to boost their annual holidays by a week through the programme.

Lookers chief executive, Andy Bruce, told Car Dealer Magazine: “Our people agenda is the top priority and it is widely recognised that businesses who have employees with long service deliver better customer service.

“We are benefiting from long-standing customer relationships and a wealth of experience, so we want to formally recognise this loyalty with a range of measures designed to say a big 'thank you' to our loyal and dedicated people.”

Lookers is spending around £250,000 on the incentive programme over the course of the year and said it was part of an investment into the long-term health of the group.