Mechanic back under the bonnet after six-month coma

A car mechanic who spent six months in a coma has begun work repairing cars again thanks to a not-for-profit garage.

Ian Edelston, 51, suffered a brain haemorrhage while on holiday with his family in Germany, after which he spent half a year in a drug induced coma and had brain surgery. Thinking he would not be able to work following the incident, Mr Edelston was given a new opportunity thanks to a SMaRT (Socially Minded and Responsible Trading) garage run by charity First Step Trust in Salford.

Now back at work, the mechanic will need to ensure he is covered by the charitable business’ road risks insurance policy if he is to drive customers’ vehicles as part of the garage’s services. However, it is worth noting that medical issues could prevent individuals from being named on a company's road risks insurance policy, or could see the price of said policy go up.

According to the Manchester Evening News, immediately after he came out of his coma, Mr Edelston struggled with day-to-day tasks and memory loss, meaning he could not return to his former job, which triggered him to suffer from depression. First Step Trust’s volunteers helped him – along with many other people suffering from mental problems – ease back into working life and regain the skills and confidence needed to find paid work.

Mr Edelston commented: “The SMaRT Garage is getting me back into it and although I’m a bit slower and don't have much energy, I’m gradually improving.”

Chris Kirkman, the First Step Trust’s northern regional manager, added: “The progress Ian has made in just a few months has been really great to see.

"We are supporting him to get back into the job he loves after the terrible ordeal he has been through – something that would be really difficult for other garages to do."