Monday 5 January: the busiest day of the year for car breakdowns

Monday 5 January is expected to be the busiest day of the year for car breakdowns, the AA has said.

According to the recovery specialists, there could be an increase of up to 30 per cent on the normal number of breakdowns in Britain. The most common issue is flat batteries, with people returning to work for the first time in a fortnight, in which time their vehicles have sat unused.

Car mechanics and garages will need to be prepared for this potential upturn in activity. One consideration they need to make is to ensure they have a road risks insurance policy in place for themselves or their members of staff – this will enable mechanics to get behind the wheel of their customers’ vehicles, which they may need to drive in order to recover, repair and test the cars.

Mark Spowage, AA patrol of the year, commented ahead of the troublesome day: “The first working day back in January is traditionally the busiest day of the year for breakdowns with flat batteries the main culprit.

“The issue is that many cars get left unused for up to a fortnight in often cold conditions, which causes the power output of the battery to drop.”

A survey of 16,165 motorists found that a third of drivers will have at least one car sat unused during the Christmas period that they would then rely on as they returned to work in the New Year.