Morgan motors into the electric car age

Morgan sports cars are known for their classic styling and traditional construction techniques but the company is moving to take advantage of the increasing demand for greener vehicles.

Recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showed that electric and hybrid car sales hit a record high in 2015 and the trend is expected to continue as the infrastructure to support electric charging points grows. Now the Morgan Motor Company has announced plans to develop a range of electric and hybrid vehicles within the next three years.

If you are aiming to stock electric cars or offer servicing for the new technology, ensure your staff are properly trained in handling the different requirements of electric and hybrid vehicles. You should also have the right levels of motor trade insurance and road risks insurance to meet the demands of the type of vehicles you sell or service.

Morgan is renowned for its traditional approach to car manufacture and the prestige brand still uses ash wood as part of the frames of its bespoke vehicles. For its venture into electric-powered cars, it has partnered with Delta Motorsport and Potenza technology.

Morgan head, Steve Morris, said: "We have been involved in the research and development of new propulsion technology since the inception of the LifeCar project almost 10 years ago.

“We are now ready to develop the best hybrid and electric drive-train solutions for production implementation before the end of the decade.”

Morgan is investing £6 million into the project, which will provide electric and hybrid powertrains for all of its models by the end of the decade.

The manufacturer has received support from the Advanced Propulsion Centre, which is a partnership between the Government and the motor industry to provide £1 billion in funding for new technologies. The fund is also financing projects including the development of electric taxis and new battery packs.