Motor trade staff turnover rate double that of most industries

The staff turnover in motor trade businesses is roughly double that of most industries, which is costing the firms money, according to experts.

Automotive training specialist Symco has said that a typical car dealership in the UK loses nearly a third of its sales staff every year. This in turn is leading to the motor trader industry losing millions of pounds every year as it has to spend time recruiting and training new staff.

Not only this, but a high staff turnover requires dealership and garage bosses to constantly amend their road risks insurance policy. Employees must be registered as named drivers on a policy if they are to be able to drive customers' or the company's cars as part of their day-to-day tasks.

Symco’s owner, Simon Bowkett, who was himself a car salesman before launching his new venture, said another issue is that many dealers are reluctant to invest in training new staff until they’ve passed a probationary period, which he believes is false economy.

In an article for Bdaily he explained: "The first three months can make or break a career in car sales so it’s critical that the time and money spent in recruiting a new person is not wasted."

As many businesses recognise, people are often their greatest asset, so retaining staff or getting new staff up to speed as quickly as possible – thereby enabling them to do their job effectively early on – is of utmost importance to those running a motor trade business.