Mystery blaze destroys specialist car dealership in Yorkshire

A mystery fire at a specialist car dealership in Yorkshire has destroyed a fleet of classic Land Rovers worth in excess of £100,000.

The blaze took place in the early hours of Monday morning (21 July) as fire crews were called to the Land Rover Centre in Huddersfield. The company, which is considered the top supplier of restored Land Rovers in the UK, is looking at huge repair bills as the intense flames destroyed the premises and even melted some sections of the cars’ aluminium bodywork.

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It is unknown what started the fire at the Huddersfield car dealership, but the emergency services said that after breaking through the entrance gates they found the fire in the covered parking area containing the vehicles. The structure’s fibreglass roof melted with the dripping flames then igniting the vehicles parked below.

Of the six vehicles caught in the blaze – each of which dated from 1968 to 1979 and had a worth around £20,000 – four were completely destroyed along with the parking area.