New group to spotlight female friendly car dealerships

The UK’s first organisation geared towards assessing the ‘female friendliness’ of motor trade businesses has been launched.

The Foxy Lady Driver’s Club is the first network of its kind in Britain. Its aim is to make car shopping a more enjoyable experience for women by providing female drivers with a choice of local showrooms that are certified as being fair and equal towards both sexes.

Car dealerships will need to undergo assessment to become Foxy Lady-approved. Diligently checking one's own standards is not only important when it comes to gaining certification from consumer groups though, it is also a worthwhile process when looking to drive down the costs of a motor trade insurance policy – by ensuring the business adheres to high safety and crime-prevention standards, they can reduce the price of a policy. Consulting risk management experts can help in this task.

To become Foxy Lady-approved, subscribing businesses must meet the ethos: ‘Never overcharge, patronise or sell women services they don’t need.’ Other features such as female car sales staff, car reviews written by women, the option of a test drive with a female member of staff and dedicated evenings for women are all also listed on the site.

The move has been taken because there has been a notable rise in the number of female car owners in the UK; the figure has risen by 74 per cent since 1994. However, many women still find the car buying experience daunting, fearing they will be overcharged.

Steph Savill, founded of the Foxy Lady Driver’s Club, commented: “Women influence some 80 per cent of all car sales and, as expert family shoppers, we are good at comparing products, service levels and prices.

“We know what we want and if we don’t get it, it’s easy to take our business elsewhere and tell our friends and family why. Most car showrooms still retain an overly masculine aura and I think it’s time to address this alongside the needs and expectations of the gender of their future customers.”