New qualifications launched for car delivery agents

New qualifications have been introduced to ensure the competency of drivers who deliver vehicles to and from car dealerships.

Members of the Association of Driven Vehicle Delivery Agents (ADVDA) deliver hundreds of cars every week to dealerships and fleet operators. The organisation has announced that is now establishing new testing and certification to prove the quality and safety of its drivers.

Rather than using the ADVDA, many car dealers will collect new stock and drive it to the business premises themselves. To do so, however, they will require a road risks insurance policy which will provide insurance cover the vehicle while they are driving it.

According to the ADVDA, members will now be required to complete intensive induction process that are designed to test their knowledge of the organisation's code of conduct. The scheme will teach drivers the correct way of inspecting a vehicle as well as offering them customer service techniques, training on handheld technology, vehicle and customer specific handover techniques, product knowledge and specialist vehicle equipment training.

It comes as part of a wider move to build the awareness and credibility of the organisation within the industry. ADVDA chairman Matt Sirrell told members at the association’s annual general meeting: “The ADVDA’s logo must stand for something.”