Test drive ends in attempted theft

A test drive in California went badly wrong after the 'customer' attempted to steal the vehicle.

Lehmer's Concord Buick GMC is a Californian dealership offering servicing and vehicles for sale. On the day of the attempted theft the team at Lehmer's didn't suspect any of the drama that was to come. The dealership said that everything seemed normal when the would-be criminal entered the dealership and requested a test drive of a $70,000 van after handing over a copy of his driver's license as normal, NBC Bay Area reported.

However, when the salesman went out with the individual for a drive the customer announced that he was stealing the van.

Luckily, the salesman was able to bail out of the van when the vehicle was slowing down and the thief went on to crash into a sound wall and was promptly arrested by police. The individual was not named by the police, but it was confirmed that he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, resisting arrest and stealing a car.

The event might have taken place miles away in sunny California, but test drives can also take a turn for the worse in the UK. The risk makes it vital for a dealership to have a suitable road risks insurance policy with demonstration cover in place to ensure that any unexpected costs and claims that could arise as a result of such an incident are covered.