ChoiceQuote Liverpool’s Office Re-Structure

ChoiceQuote Insurance’s Head Office in Liverpool has quite literally turned itself upside down!

The specialist taxi insurance,
car, van, commercial risks,
motor trade insurance
and administration teams have been moved from the ground floor to create a “Super Team” on the second floor
of the office. This was no mean feat given that there were 30 staff along with telephones and PCs to move in one day!

ChoiceQuote’s Managing Director, Cathie Bruce said: “As part of our strategic plans for 2009/2010, we took the
decision to merge our insurance teams onto one floor to help create a multi-skilled team and an energizing sales
environment. This then allows our support departments to move closer together, creating a better synergy for our
IT and web development teams.

The move has created a quieter and more personal atmosphere for customers and their families who visit ChoiceQuote for
a ‘face-to-face’ insurance quote and the two customer counters on the ground floor.

ChoiceQuote provides specialist insurance services and employs more than 60 people in Liverpool. A further 22 staff work
in regional offices in Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham.