UK garages ready to work on hybrid cars

21 March 2014

There are now far more mechanics able to undertake work on hybrid cars after a Trust My Garage scheme delivered over 1,000 hybrid training courses to its members.

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) runs the Trust My Garage initiative designed to help independent motor traders overcome any issues they are facing and ensure customers trust independent mechanics, garages and dealerships. With many hybrid car owners struggling to find a dealer to perform a service or MOT on their vehicles, the organisation has provided over 1,000 training courses to its members to help them address this shortcoming.

Having access to more technical training for specific vehicle types is a positive step for the UK motor trade industry as it allows firms to expand their portfolio of services. However, companies now looking to exploit this area of the market must check that their motor trade insurance policy covers hybrid vehicles; not every insurance policy covers a company to work on all types of vehicle so due diligence should be taken.

Over the last three years hybrid cars have become far more common on British roads, with the number of registered hybrids rising from 14,000 to 25,730. This puts Britain behind just Japan, the US and France, with the fourth largest hybrid car market in the world.

However, many people the IGA states still do not believe there is an adequate number of dealers who can perform repairs, services or MOTs on their hybrid vehicles. While the majority of the servicing needs of a hybrid are the same as a normal car, there are specific skills and tools required when working on the high voltage systems.

Trust My Garage is keen to deliver these specific skills to a wider base of independent garages, meaning that hybrid car owners do not have to return to their main hybrid dealer every time. Indeed, a recent consumer poll by Trust My Garage found that 67 per cent of UK motorists opt for an independent garage over a main dealer when taking their new car for a service.

Terry Gibson from Trust My Garage said: As with new cars, many motorists falsely believe that their hybrid car can only be serviced by a main dealer but this is not the case. Independent garages have the same access to skills and information as main dealers and the fact that so many of our members are now able to service hybrid vehicles is proof of this.”